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About us

The shop is owned by ITimeManager AB. We are passionate about sports and the protection of the athletes competing in sports. We also dare to say that we know about these things. We have in our team former players, coaches and medical consultants in the absolute elite in sports. The major reason our company exists is to do good. We have chosen to do so by helping mostly young people to protect themselves when doing the things they love the most. We aspecially feel strongly about protection of heads.

Stefan Ekmark / Managing partner

Below you will find several endorsements / recomendations from well known persons and organizations. Click on their name to see what they say.

Alan B Ashare MD, Dr. Ashare has been the chairman of a number of International meetings on Concussions and Safety in Ice Hockey. He is also the chairman of the Safety & Protective Equipment Committee of USA Hockey, former chairman of the Hockey Equipment Certification Council and on the Board of Governors of USA Hockey.

Mikael Klotz, Medicinskt & REHAB ansvarig Hammarby Fotboll, leg.sjukgymnast/Physiotherapist, Chairman in the organisation of Physiotherapists in Swedish Soccer: I have tested the headband on my own players at the very top of Swedish fotball and want to recommend the use of headguards in fotball. It is in my opinion a very urgent matter and they really work. After a week or so the player is used to the headguard and is not hindered when playing with it.

 Dr. Raul Geller, a former outstanding international soccer star, had been the orthopedic surgeon in Israel specializing in sports injuries for many years. He stated that the "ForceField FF Headband is the best innovation and contribution to the sport of soccer. The headband will reduce to risk of head injuries to both children and adults." 

Dr. C. J. Abraham, the inventor of the ForceField FFTM Headband and Technical Director of ForceField FF (NA), Ltd., has announced that ForceField has received the CE II Mark. The CE II Mark allows the ForceField FFTMHeadband to be designated as protective headgear. The ForceField FFTM Headband is protected by world-wide patents.

The Textile Institute 2011 New Materials Award
The Textile Institute has presented Dr. Abraham with the 2011 New Materials Award for outstanding advances in technical textiles and their application.

National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS)

For more information about injuries and headtrauma please click on the headline "Articles" above.

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